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At my Crochet Cafe’s workshop where ideas are adopted carefully and adorably by me ; my family , greatest friends and coach ever.

Crocheting accessories


In love with my accessory . Today’s post is of a piece which was crocheted specially to wear it for a very special family gathering.Let me tell u this ; I love fashion and consider crochet as an important part of fashion design . I’ve attended many fashion shows in Uk , USA , Dubai ….and many other places around the world . That is one Interesting part of being a daughter of A family used to live abroad due to my father’s work . During fashion exception , I’ve noticed that people are much interested in handicraft accessories .Such accessories are worthy and very valuables for many people . They consider the time ; cost and effort spent by the crochet artist or designers to present each piece in a very distinctive way.

Crocheting is the art of beauty from within











Crocheting something for someone very special to me is considered to be the most beautiful moment of my life .Crocheting initiates a very beautiful and human relationship between us and people who are interested in the art that we are offering .
Today’s post is about the dolly Lolo , it fits into the category of amigurumi . Working on lolo took 2 months due to my very tight working agenda. It was crocheted by me -Ghada- as a gift to a little princess as a special request . I was really touched by the reaction of happiness which I’ve noticed at the customer’s eye looking at the special items ; which was crocheted specially for her granddaughter .

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Stand tall and be a hero


Every single moment of our life counts.Therefore ; you have to start . And that tinny little things we start our dreams with ; one day would be the most important parts of our dream.Don’t hesitate to show the world around you ; that you have the courage to dream loudly and beautifully. Think out of the box ; out of your comfort zone. Even if you are tired and tried before and didn’t achieve your objective ; try again . I know that it maybe uneasy to do so , but at least try one more time for the sake of your loved ones .

شغف كروشيهي وكتاب



وأجمل الأفكار تلك التي يقترحها الأصدقاء و
تتناسب مع شغفنا

لقطة اليوم لفاصل كتاب من شغل كروشيه كافيه (فاطمة الموسى)
والباترون يوضح طريقة العمل في الفاصل

Vintage lace tablecloth set

Today I’m sharing with crochet lovers a very special crochet project _lace tablecloth set . One that I’ve made using DMC yarns . It consists of one large center round piece and Nine other medium pieces for our side tables . I’ve used DMC yarns and spent three months to finish it .


علم دولة الكويت من الكروشيه يدخل موسوعة غينيس للأرقام القياسية العالمية



فريق وطن النهار التطوعي من دولة الكويت المكون من ١٧٢ متطوعة وبإدارة السيدة بشاير الزويد صاحبة الفكرة يدخل موسوعة غينيس للأرقام العالمية بحياكته أكبر علم لدولة الكويت من ال كروشيه في العالم . انجاز رائع لفريق وطن النهار ويضاف الى إنجازات المرأة الكويتية .. في التدوينة لقطات من تغطية الصحف لهذا الإنجاز العالمي و لقطات من مقابلة تلفزيون دولة الكويت لفريق وطن النهار للحديث عن احتفالية دخول العلم الى موسوعة غينيس.. حيث كنت والأخت فضيلة الحداد ال متحدثات بالنيابة عن فريق وطن النهار التطوعي عن هذا الإنجاز العالمي

الصور من حساب انستغرام @only_crochet

ومن حساب كروشيه كافيه على انستغرام
Kuwait flag into gunnies world record as the largest crochet blanket and was made by a group of 172 Kuwaiti female volunteers (Watan Alnahar Group) (kuwait) under the supervision of Bashayer alzwaid in
one year

Photos included in this post show the kuwait and international media interests in the event . I was the speaker together with Fadellah alhaddad on behalf of the watan alnahar group -kuwait TV gol o fe3el





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